As the underground bionetwork of a mushroom colony, mycelium founds and feeds the organism as a whole. Its super-fine filaments extract and absorb nutrients from the immediate environment to propagate and grow, branching out unseen throughout the earth. Confined to more compact conditions, the threads wind and bind instead, and the mycelium transforms to a solid. 

If that solid is heated to halt further growth, it takes another new form: a powerfully strong aggregate that’s naturally water-resistant, fireproof, biodegradable, biocompatible, sustainable and carbon-neutral. It’s a matter for the ages — and, in the future, we hope it matters a lot more.  

Fathomers came to mycelium through artist and inventor Phil Ross, founder of MycoWorks, whose sculptural experiments with fungal cells in the early 1990s led to a practice now globally recognized as foundational to the field of mycotecture, the art and science of building with mycelium. 

In keeping with his generous commitment to share the fundamentals of mycotecture as open-source technology, Phil taught us all about sustainably cultivating our own mycelium — including how to source fungal cultures and agricultural waste from local suppliers, and how to process a living block of mycelium so that it doesn’t eat your office or home by mistake. 

Now we’re applying Phil’s lessons toward another sustainable practice: the Fathomers Buy-a-Brick Campaign. Contribute $100 or more to Fathomers — help us continue to realize the far-fetched stuff of artists’ and scientists’ dreams — and we’ll send you an artist-produced, limited-edition, bio-wondrous brick of gratitude in return.

Fathomers Buy-a-Brick
Ganoderma lucidum fungus (Reishi mushroom), sawdust
11 x 4 x 3 inches
Series 1: Grown by Phil Ross in San Francisco (out-of-stock)
Series 2: Grown by Fathomers in Los Angeles (ships Nov. 30)


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